Have you ever wondered why your production doesn't sound as wide and big as the other Top40 songs?

We at Growstar Sounds now offer you a change to get your track mixed by our team.

In our mixing service we:

- Clear out your stems, making sure there's space for every element in your song

- Enhance stereo field to match the industry standard Top-40 sound.

- Process your drums to hit harder and cut through any mix

- Give warmth and color to your production by using our multiband saturation tools

- Use advanced compression techniques to get that fat sound heard in thousands of Pop records

- Deliver you mixdown in high quality 44.1 16bit WAV

If you have a reference track(s) in mind, let us know and we can tailor our mixing service for your customized need.

Once you've ordered our mixing service you'll be sent guide how to pack your stems and send to our mixing engineer.

250.00 €
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